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UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Blog 2019-20

Preuss Faculty Bargaining Updates

Preuss Faculty Bargaining Update #1 July 19 2019

We came prepared and ready to fight for our members!r2wOLdVdYzrcMlrmLZDcBtDdo0t4IlIOUqz68exWAOYHQ1tQ1bdQgH7iH3O9arMfe8E15UJnuYxD6vC3b4l2V6kEecmzwTnj6RRCttooU8uN5Vxqp02LoYNOYi5Fk4iNfV6BxASX

On Friday, July 19th our Preuss bargaining team began negotiations with the UC and Preuss administration.