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Local 1474

“University Council” means that we are a Council of local unions representing members on all UC campuses; “AFT” refers to our affiliation with the national union by that name. Your local is UC-AFT Local 1474, which represents academics at the Berkeley and San Francisco campuses.

Local Officers

Tiffany Page
David Eifler
Collective Member
Ben Brown
Collective Member
Ramona Collins
Collective Member
Anibel Ferus-Comelo
Collective Member
Kim Freeman
Collective Member
Kendra K. Levine
Collective Member
Joseph Lough
Collective Member
Joanna Reed
Grievance Steward - Unit 17 (Librarians)
Margaret Phillips
Grievance Steward - Unit 18 (Lecturers)
Margi Wald and Indira Morre
Field Representative
Emily Rose
(646) 526-5720