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Statewide March 1 Events--Including UC Campuses


Occupy the Capitol will begin on March 1 with events all around the state. Each event will be different, but all events will focus on the need to stop tuition increase, prevent cuts and make the 1% pay to ReFund Education

UC Berkeley
Contact: Carla West,, 510-379-0532
8:00 – 12 noon Open University California Hall
12 noon Rally, Sproul Plaza
12:45 March to Oscar Grant Plaza

Contact: Erin Conley, 620-757-5950,
12pm-8pm Wilson Plaza, UCLA
There will be a full day of teach-ins, performances, speak-out, a general assembly and camping at the Bruin Bear
Noon-8PM "Festival of Reistance at Angela Davis (Wilson) Plaza.
Noon: food-sharing, creative space, and performance
1pm-4pm: teach outs (the budget, Palestine, know your rights, student union models, student/worker organizing)
4pm-5pm: Free School - first meeting
5pm: teach out - fighting FBI surveillance
6pm: general assembly
8pm: film screening: Berkeley in the 60's
night: camping at the Bruin Bear

UC Santa Cruz
Contact: Josh Brahinsky, 6095587470,
12 noon : Base of Campus - Bay St. and High St.
Thousands of UCSC students will strike and then rally at the entrance to UCSC at the base of campus

UC San Diego
Contact: Nikolai Smith,, 414.526.0036
11:30am WALKOUT!
(converge on Library Walk at the Silent Tree)
12:00pm RALLY
1:00pm MARCH

UC Merced
Contact: Floyd Pitts,, 650 580 5131
Teach-in * 1-4 pm California Room

UC Irvine
Contact: Jamie Rogers - 562-761-4772
12 noon Rally
UCI Day of Action: DIY UCI! Resistance Fair!: This is a celebration of resistance. This is a celebration of our diversity, of our power as students, faculty, and workers. This is OUR university, let's transform it. Let's redecorate. Let's teach each other what we want to teach. Let's have the discussions that we want to have!
More info here: Irvine

UC Davis
Grant Weiss,916-759-7674,
Day of action at UC Davis in solidarity with colleges and universities nationwide
11am, UCD Quad - Funeral Procession For Public Education: March and eulogy. Wear black!
12pm, UCD Quad - Rally: speakers, and open mic

City College of San Francisco & San Francisco State University
Stephan Georgiou, 631 793-5253,
San Francisco 8 AM - 2 PM
8am: Occupy CCSF students will create stations around campus to speak to students about the day and week ahead.
10am: Art station at RAM Plaza on campus to create signs for the state action later in the day.
12:30pm: Students to walk out of class and converge at RAM Plaza for a 1pm rally
1pm: RAM Plaza Rally will feature AFT Local 2121 President Alisa Messer, 99 Mile marchers, and Poetry for the People.
1pm: Occupy SFSU students will march from their campus to CCSF fto join RAM Plaza Rally
3pm: Teach-in and occupation at the California State Office Building (455 Golden Gate Avenue)
4pm - 6pm: Mass rally at San Francisco Civic Center

CSU Bakersfield: "Reclaim CSU" rally
Student Union Patio/Runner Park starting at 11 am
Contact: Colin Rambo (484) 515-4790
Students will conduct a mock Board of Trustees meeting and speak out about their concerns.
Visual: Cemetery of RIP education made with posters, and a CSU Jeopardy board

Cal State Channel Islands (Camarillo, CA): "Democra-CI: Give Us Our Voice"
1 pm-2 pm at the Student Union (One University Dr. Camarillo)
Contact: David Winston, (908) 902-8409
There will be a presentation on the main issues related to the CSU Board of Trustees and a panel discussion. Students will sign a petition to send to Gov. Jerry Brown asking him to democratize the Board of Trustees.

CSU Dominguez Hills (Carson, CA): "March 1 Rally 'N March"
Noon at the East Walkway of the Loker Student Union
Contact: John Garcia, (909) 272-0409
Rally and march on campus to protest tuition increases, the privatization of the public university system, and accessibility to higher education.

CSU East Bay (Hayward, CA): Peoples University Liberate Education
Noon-2 pm, Agora stage and Lawn (in front of old union)
Contact: Jaclyn Moran, 323 420 1926
There will be teach-ins, faculty and student speakers and educational workshops.

Fresno State: Reclaim Fresno State! March for Education
12:30, Rally starts at 1 pm
Students will meet at Joyal Administration steps and walk to Free Speech Area near Madden Library for the Rally
Contact: Rebecca Asami 559-790-5670

CSU Fullerton: "Art Fair for Free Speech"
Noon at the Humanities building
Contact: Cameron Mahdad 714-742-8452
Students will express their concern about free speech being a problem on campus in the context of the broader problems with the corruption of the CSU system.

Cal State Los Angeles: Walkout! Occupy Education: End the Privatization of Public Education Rally
10 am-11 am at the Bookstore
Contact: Nakia Brazier, 562.206.4894
Students to rally and call for the Chancellor and Governor to act

CSU Long Beach: "Rally Against Privatization"
Noon - 1 pm at the Upper Quad next to Library, Fine Arts, and Language Arts Building (1250 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach CA)
Contact: Donnie Bessom 781-248-0613
Students will rally and hold workshops and awareness activities. There will be thirty 8ft x 4ft billboards with information about what is happening to higher education and the students response/proposed alternatives. Dance groups will do a flash mob and students will rally to take the system back.

CSU Monterey Bay: "Occupy Education"
Noon rally, 1:30 pm march and 2 pm teach-in
Rally starts at Library Plaza at Divarty St. and 5th Ave; Teach-In in will be at the Student Center on Inter-Garrison
Contact: Michael Frederiksen 916-599-8430

Sacramento State: "Reclaim Education Walkout and Rally"
Noon-1 pm at the Sac State Main Quad by fountain in-front of Library
Contact: Nora Walker 559-824-6853
Students will walkout, rally and address key issues they are facing including getting classes they need to graduate and loan debt/tuition increases.

CSU San Bernardino: Occupy Education Teach-In
11 am to 1 pm at Santos Manuel Student Union Theater
Contact: Natalie Dorado (909) 260-5213
A teach-in featuring discussions on the State of Crisis in California Higher Education, Power Structure within the CSU/Get to Know Your Board of Trustees, Campus Issues, and a Q&A Panel on How to Get Involved. Each section will include a speaker or multiple speakers, brief history and discussion of the topic and either a musical component, video segment or group discussion. Speakers include CSUSB students and alumni, CSUSB faculty, San Bernardino community members and other service workers.

San Francisco State U: “Reclaim SFSU: Reclaiming OUR Voice in Education”
Noon, Malcolm X Plaza in the Quad Area
Contact: Sadaf Malik 650-290-4797
Student and Faculty will gather for a rally and march for improving the quality of education at SFSU.

San Jose State U: Walkout! Reclaiming Our CSU
Noon-2 pm, rally and march
Event begins in front of Clark Hall by the Statues and ends at Tower Hall.
Contact: Alyxandra Goodwin 951-764-7660
On this day the students of SJSU are calling Walkout on our campus. We will begin our Walkout with speak out, which will allow students to stand up and tell their story. A middle action will be a silent march through the Student Services Center. The last action is a People Assembly in front of Tower Hall. We plan to stand up for our right to an affordable, accessible, and quality education. We want our CSU administration to stop making decisions without the voice of the students and faculty. We want them to support CA legislation that would benefit all the CSU and CA education. We want our CSU to rollback our fees. There will be variety of student speakers lined up through out the event ranging from AS, SQE, and Reclaim SJSU.

Sonoma State U: “Reclaim the People’s University!”
Noon-2 pm at Stevenson Quad in front of Stevenson Hall between Salazar Hall and the Student Union. Concert/performances/speakers from 9pm-midnight.
Contact: Kia Kolderup-Lane, 415-238-6323
A Day of Dialogue will be held for the campus community, that will include teach-ins, discussion circles, performances & interactive activities around issues such as cuts to departments, campus programs & student jobs. Administrators such as President Armiñana, Provost Rogerson and several other key administrators will be present to address various issues that students, faculty & staff face. Performances & continuing discussions will be held from 9pm-midnight.

Contact: Nate Heller - 916 402 8672
12:30 Rally Laney College Quad
1:30 March to Oscar Grant Plaza

San Mateo adult school
Bruce Neuburger, 415 235-6918,
San Mateo Adult School, 789 E. Poplar Avenue, San Mateo
8:00 to 9:00 AM
We will be demonstrating -- teachers, students, staff, administration, outside school on Poplar Avenue with signs and chants in defense of Public Education, opposing education cuts, in defense of Adult Schools many of which have been closed or crippled in the past several years.

San Bernardino Valley College
John Gust,(951) 369-8075,
11:30 to 3:00 pm.
701 South Mount Vernon Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92410
Please join us as we stand in solidarity with the community colleges in our shared fight for quality and affordable higher education in California.

Santa Rosa Jr. College
02:00 PM
Rattigan Building- State Offices
50 D. St.
Occupy SRJC is joining the call for a day of action for education. We are rallying at 2pm in front of the Doyle Library at the Santa Rosa campus. We will then march to the State Building (also known as the "Rattigan Building") in downtown Santa Rosa. This is a nonviolent action.

Humbolt State University
Noon till 1:00 pm, a fantastic line up of speakers will be exciting the student base in the Quad. Speakers will touch on art, education, and the current state of social inequality!
1:00 to 1:25 pm, Occupy Humboldt State will be providing entertainment for the crowd, via hula hooping, artistic presentations, and more.
1:30 to 5:30 pm, the Student Sociological Association, in conjunction with student activists and the Humboldt community, will be hosting a 'workshop intensive'. The workshop schedule is as follows:
5:30 to 7:00ish pm a General Assembly will be held
8:00 to 10:00 pm the Humboldt Circus will be playing with fire in the Quad.