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UC-AFT Green Caucus

The UC-AFT Green caucus works to further UC-AFT’s already strong effort to protect our environment and prevent catastrophic climate change.  Our members have recently joined the CFT Climate Justice Task Force and we're working with this group to move a climate justice agenda forward within CFT.

Check out the recent work (2016) of the Climate Justice Task Force:  CFT Climate Justice Resolution,   Mission Statement,   Recommendations,   Letter to Trumka

On November 1, 2016, UC-AFT Local 1990 at UCLA passed a resolution against the Dakota Access Pipeline and in favor of good jobs in alternative energy fields.

Our statewide Board voted to endorse the Sept. 21, 2014 People's Climate Marches in New York, Oakland, and San Diego.  Many of us have long been members (sometimes through our parent unions – AFT and CFT ) of a number of union and other alliances around environmental issues (for example, the Labor Network for Sustainability and the Blue/Green Alliance). And recently, our UC-AFT President, Bob Samuels, who sits on the UC Regents' Investment Advisory Group, has raised the issue of divestment from fossil fuels there, which they are now studying.

We the undersigned want to do more to do our part to organize ourselves, our sister unions, our campuses, and California for a sustainable future. Some of us are active in local groups such as or teach environmental studies, or both. But no such background is required to join the UC-AFT Green Caucus. All are welcome who want to help.

If you are interested in joining the UC AFT Green Caucus, or just would like more information, please contact:

Chris Hables Gray

Kevin Bell, Community Liaison, UC Santa Cruz Local
College VIII, Environmental Studies

Chris Hables Gray, President, UC Santa Cruz Local
Crown College, College X, and the Writing Program

Roxi Power, UC Santa Cruz Local
Writing Program, Crown College

* Titles listed for identification purposes only