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Local 6366

Contacting Your Union

Don't hesitate to contact your union if you have any questions or concerns about your workplace rights. Just contact any of the local officers or the UC-AFT staff member listed below.

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Local Officers

Local President
Karen LeCocq
Vice President
John Haner
Grievance Chair
Richard Gomez
Librarian, Unit 17 Representative
Jerrold Shiroma
De Ette Silbaugh
Stan Porter
Cheryl Finley
Lecturer MOU Committee 2015
Neno Sena
MOU Committee 2015
Katherine Lee
Representative to Student Groups
Catherine Koehler
Katherine Lee
PDF Committee AY 2015-16
Fred Young, Alex Khislavsky, Mathew Snyder, Derek Merrill, Yu-Han Chao, and Chris Ramirez
Field Representative
Jon Carlson
(209) 631-9849