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Unit 18 MOU

Unit 18 Non-Senate Faculty Memorandum of Understanding
Effective December 3, 2021 - June 30, 2026

Clean copies of the new contract will be posted soon. Links below are to tentative agreement copies which include formating for language changes.

Article 1--Recognition 
Article 2--Academic Freedom 
Article 3--Academic Responsibility 
Article 4--Non-Discrimination in Employment 
Article 5--Description of Unit Titles 
Article 6--Academic Year - Appointment 
Article 7a--NSF Appointments 
Article 7b--Process for Initial Continuing Appointments 
Article 7c--Continuing Appointments 
Article 7d- Senior Continuing Lecturer  New Article
Article 8--Instructional Support 
Article 9--Professional Concerns, Meetings and Programs 
Article 10- Personnel Files 
Article 11--Benefits 
Article 12--Leaves 
Article 13- Travel 
Article 14--Holidays 
Article 15- Moving Expenses 
Article 16- Medical Separation 
Article 17- Layoff, Reduction in Time, and Reemployment 
Article 18--Resignation 
Article 19- Reassignment 
Article 20--Reasonable Accommodation 
Article 21--Compensation 
Article 22--Merit Review Process 
Article 23--Summer Session 
Article 24--Instructional Workload 
Article 25--Union Rights 
Article 26--Release Time for UC-AFT Business 
Article 27--Payroll Deductions 
Article 28- Management Rights 
Article 29- Academic Calendars 
Article 30--Discipline and Dismissal 
Article 31- Pre-Six Mentoring Meeting Struck this Article
Article 32--Grievance Procedure 
Article 33--Arbitration 
Article 34--Immigration Reform and Control Act 
Article 35--No Strikes/ No Lockout 
Article 36--Past Practice not Covered by Agreement 
Article 37--Waiver 
Article 38- Severability 
Article 39- Successors
Article 40--Duration 
Article 41- Parking 
Article 42--Online Instruction 
Health and Safety New Article
Academic Review Criteria New Article

Salary Scales

Salary Scale February 2022 and Salary Transition
New Appendix - Parking TA

Appendix A - Grievance Officers  
Appendix B - Panel of Arbitrators  
Appendix C - Sexual Harassment Officers  
Appendix D - Salary Scale (See scales above)
Appendix E - Enumeration of Benefits 
Appendix F - Post Employment Benefits
Appendix G - Definitions of Confidential and Non Confidential Academic Review Records  
Appendix H - NSF List of Duties That Shall Receive Equivalencies

Side Letter - Transition Plan Pre-Six Appointees 
Side Letter - New Employee Orientations 2017
Side Letter - Summer Session Benefits 2017
Side Letter - Article 1 Recognition 8-24-2011
Side Letter - Health Sciences Exclusion
Side Letter - Letter to Sean Brooke Re: APM 015 Faculty Code of Conduct/Academic Responsibility 9-15-2003
Side Letter - Use of Adjunct and Visiting Professor Appointments 8-21-2003
Side Letter - Article 1 Recognition 9-6-2002
Side Letter - NSF Workload in Writing Programs and Foreign Languages 8-17-2007
Side Letter - Workload Value Dispute 10-24-2007 
Side Letter - Benefits: Special Break in Service Provisions 10-25-2013 
Side Letter - Retiree Health Reopener 10-25-2013
Side Letter - No Reimbursement Agreement 10-23-13
Side Letter - Changes to Retiree Health Eligibility Rules
Side Letter - Enrollment Form
Side Letter - 2016 UCRP Tier
Side Letter - UCLA-Reappointment of Pre-Six Non-Senate Lecturers
Side Letter - UCSD-Reappointment of Pre-Six Non-Senate Lecturers
Side Letter - UCSB Workload Writing and Foreign Languages
Side Letter - UCSC-Quarter Count
Side Letter - Outstanding RFI's and Grievances
Side Letter - UCLA Lab School Demonstration Teachers w/ Addendum 2016/17