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What We Do

Who We Are
UC-AFT is the union representing librarians (Unit 17) and non-Senate faculty (Unit 18) working throughout the UC system.  Our members hold academic appointments as lecturers, program coordinators, supervisors of teacher education, and librarians.  For a complete list of the job titles that are included in our bargaining units, follow these links:    Unit 17 Librarians     Unit 18 Non-Senate Faculty

UC-AFT is affiliated with the California Federation of Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers.  These affiliations provide our union with legal, financial and political support.  Our members are also eligible for a number of benefits and scholarships through these affiliates.

What We Do 
Since 1983, we have negotiated and administered statewide collective bargaining agreements, or memoranda of understanding for both of our units. Our contracts establish the rights and responsibilities that govern employment as a lecturer or librarian at UC. Our primary work is negotiating improved conditions for non-senate faculty and librarians and advising and representing academic employees when they have concerns related to their employment at UC.  We are also active in publicizing issues of concern to faculty and librarians and in representing those concerns to the legislature.

Our Accomplishments and Our Goals
Working together as colleagues, we have won better job security and protection for academic freedom, higher professional salaries and benefits, and improvements in overall working conditions. Before UC-AFT negotiated its first contracts with UC, the working conditions and salaries for librarians and non-senate faculty were completely arbitrary, subject only to the whim of the university administration.
While we have negotiated many improvements in our contracts, there is still much work to be done.  We must always be diligent in protecting the strengths in our contracts, and persistent in our efforts to improve the weaknesses.

What You Can Do
You don’t simply belong to UC-AFT--UC-AFT belongs to you. UC-AFT is a member-run organization. All of our officers are employees of the University and members of our bargaining units. They share the same general work and salary conditions as you do. Members and officers of UC-AFT  set policies at local and statewide meetings that are open to union members. We are only as strong as our membership. We hope that you will not only join UC-AFT, but become active at the local or statewide level. As colleagues working together, we are making a difference..