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As a non-Senate faculty member or librarian, you are a member of bargaining unit with representation by our union, UC-AFT. You are not automatically a UC-AFT  "union member."  UC-AFT membership requires filling out a very brief membership form. See the link to our online membership form below.

Why join UC-AFT?  Because your membership matters, whether you're on campus for one term or every term.  As a member, you 

  • Support your colleagues and your profession.
  • Join with other non-tenured faculty and librarians to promote high-quality education and research at the University of California.
  • Shape your future by voting on union policies and contracts.
  • Increase your power to achieve better working and learning conditions.
  • Receive members-only discounts and benefits.

 Membership Form:  Click here for an online membership form

Our union has negotiated one of the best job security contracts in the nation for non-tenure-track faculty members. Under our contract, you have the right to a continuing appointment after an excellence review in your sixth year, as well as a fair process for getting considered for reappointments in the first 6 years.

As a member, you will have the right to vote for or against contract ratification, and in union officer elections.  

As a member, you will receive more frequent communications about union activities, and other important issues facing our members.

As a member, you will be eligible for various supplemental insurance programs, mortgage loans, a credit card with a good cash rebate deal, and various discounts etc, through AFT’s Union Plus program.

As a member, you will be part of a statewide organization of academics working together to address the challenges faced by Non-Senate Faculty at UC.  Your involvement matters.  

UC-AFT Treasurer  11728 Wilshire Blvd. #B1007, Los Angeles Ca 90025

Retirees can join our Retiree Local with very low annual dues.  Retiree Local membership form