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K-12 Contracts: Preuss School, Lab School, Geffen Academy

UC-AFT represents teachers, counselors and librarians who are employed by UC and who work at school sites located on UC campuses.  Our contracts for the Preuss School at UCSD and the LAB School at UCLA are side letters within the Unit 18 Non-Senate Faculty MOU.

Preuss School UCSD

Preuss School Memorandum 2020-24
Preuss School Memorandum Appendix A 2020-24
Preuss School Memorandum Extended Day Pay 2020-24
Preuss School Memorandum Side Letter 2020-24

Preuss School Counselors Side Letter 2022-24

Preuss Side Letter 2017-2020
Preuss Salary Scale 2017-2020
Preuss Extended Day Pay 2017-2020

Lab School UCLA

In 2020, teachers at Lab School decided to negotiate a much more robust side letter. Negotiations over the side letter will begin in Fall 2020.

Lab School Side Letter 2022-2026

Side Letter - UCLA Lab School Demonstration Teachers w/ Addendum 2016/17
Demonstration Teacher Pay Scale 2018-2019

Geffen Academy UCLA

Geffen Academy Memorandum 2022-2026