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3 Weeks 30 Second Actions...End Unpaid Work, Job Security, Livable Wages

30 Second Action Week 2: Job Security--No Layoffs During COVID-19

In bargaining with UC-AFT on Friday, March 13th, the chief spokesperson for the Office of the President, Nadine Fishel, said to our volunteer faculty negotiators, “The one thing we’re telling you very clearly is you all have jobs, if you were hired for spring.” All UC-AFT members need to act now to hold UC admin accountable to that promise and prevent layoffs of teaching faculty.

Call your Executive Vice Chancellor today to let them know that job security for teaching faculty is essential

Feb 3 Stand Up For Teaching--Contract Expiration Rallies

Feb 3 Stand Up For Teaching--Contract Expiration Rallies

It's time to turn up the heat and show UC admin that we are committed to getting a new contract that includes to our core demands for rehire and seniority preferences, longer term pre-continuing appointments, more full-time teaching jobs, ending unpaid work, fair workload standards, and middle-class salaries. Join our rallies on Monday, Feb 3....Solidarity Defeats Precarity!