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 Seeking Nominations for UC-AFT Faculty Contract Campaign Committee Members


 Seeking Nominations for Contract Campaign Committee Members

 Dear Colleagues,

Lecturers and other non-tenure-track faculty represented by UC-AFT will begin bargaining our next contract inspring 2019.
Each campus will elect five representatives to the UC-AFT Contract Campaign Committee to lead our bargaining campaign
by setting goals and making plans to accomplish them, making decisions about contract proposals and supporting actions,
and liaising with members on their campuses.

I hope you’ll consider joining the Contract Campaign Committee, whether you’re a seasoned activist or new to our union.
No previous experience within UC-AFT is required to stand as a candidate. You simply need a desire to work collaboratively
to improve our working conditions, our students’ education, and the University of California as a whole. We’ll provide training
and continued support so that all committee members can effectively:

A) Identify campaign goals and paths to achieving them.

B) Read, understand, discuss, and draft contract proposals.

C) Maintain contact with rank and file members and convey their perspectives and experiences to the rest of the committee.
(This could include circulating bargaining surveys, holding town halls, working with campus site reps, and asking others
to participate in the campaign.)

D) Participate in a democratic environment where voting is the primary decision-making mechanism.

E) Work supportively with the rest of the Committee and, if necessary, express disagreement constructively without derailing
the campaign.

Make no mistake, serving on the Contract Campaign Committee is a commitment—albeit a worthy and rewarding one.
All Committee members should be available in early January for training. We expect to meet regularly via Zoom throughout
the campaign, which might last 18-24 months. The main Contract Campaign Committee will decide which specialized smaller
teams are needed for the campaign. The smaller teams, which will be chaired by members of the main Committee, may include
those dedicated to A) negotiating at the table with executives and managers from UC Office of the President; B) communicating
with rank and file members, colleagues within and outside the UC, and the media; and C) planning and carrying out rallies and
other actions.

Depending on which teams they are on, some members of the Contract Campaign Committee will travel to UC campuses
and the UC Office of the President in Oakland for negotiations and campaign actions. (Travel costs
will be reimbursed.) The Committee will be the body empowered to enter into Tentative Agreements with UC admin when
we arrive at satisfactory contract language.

We aspire to an inclusive Contract Campaign Committee that reflects the wide range of experiences among our members.
Ideally, each campus’s representatives will be diverse in terms of race, gender, field or discipline, appointment type
(continuing/pre-continuing), and appointment percentage (part-time/full-time). Each campus is conducting its own election
according to its needs and preferences.

For more information, or to nominate yourself or a colleague to serve on the Contract Campaign Committee, contact your
local officers, whose information can be found on the Contact Us page or on your Local's page within this site.

 In solidarity,

Mia L. McIver, Ph.D.
Lecturer, UCLA Writing Programs
President, UC-AFT