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5 Ways You Can Support UC-AFT Lecturers


The lecturers of UC-AFT have been fighting for over two years for a fair contract that will provide fair compensation that keeps pace with the high cost of living in California; consistent and enforceable workload standards that include all of the work we do outside of the classroom to mentor and support our students; and basic job stability protections that end arbitrary hiring and firing and ensure instructional continuity, so that our students can continue to learn from the skilled and experienced teachers that they trust. We are fighting to improve our working conditions because they’re also our students’ learning conditions. A fair contract for UC lecturers will ensure the high-quality education that our students deserve.

Donate to our Militancy Fund at FundRaz

If we are forced to go on strike, it is possible that President Drake’s administration will retaliate by docking the pay of those who participate. If you are able, please donate to our strike fund! This fund can help provide a financial safety net to our most vulnerable members. Unused donations may be used to support future actions within our union or in solidarity actions with other unions.

Sign the UC Senate Faculty Pledge of Solidarity with Lecturer Colleagues

Our colleagues from the Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) have put together a Solidarity Pledge that lays out a number of actions that tenured faculty can take, including honoring the lecturers’ picket line should they go out on strike. If you are a member of the faculty senate on your campus, click here to learn more.

Send a message to President Drake

It’s critical that President Drake hear directly from us about the importance of our campaign. Sending an email to his office is one way to do that. You can use our template, or write your own.

Help us spread the word on Social Media!

Help make our struggle more visible by following our handles/hashtags and resharing our photos, videos, and posts. You can also download our Social Media Tool Kit, with graphics and templates, to make posts of your own.

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