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Annual Call for Professional Development Grants (Deadline April 6)

Non-Senate Faculty Professional Development Fund (NSF PDF)

Annual CALL for Grant Applications  for funding from the Non-Senate Faculty Professional Development Fund (NSF PDF)

In accordance with our contract between the University of California and the UC-AFT, funding is available to support professional development activities that contribute to pedagogical expertise in the subjects you teach at UCSC. Any Unit 18 Member who will be teaching at least one course during the current academic year and at least one course during the next academic year is eligible to apply. These funds may be used for professional meetings, conferences, workshops, software purchases, special materials, and more. Some previously funded activities from the NSF PDF include:

  • Attendance and presentation at the UC Council of Writing Programs Annual Conference
  • Participation and presentation of UCSC's World Cafe Learning Program at the National Organizational Development Network Conference
  • Analysis of gas in the sediments of the Elkhorn Slough: seismic surveys and coring
  • Attendance and presentation at the International Colloquium of Central American Studies: Migrants and Migrations in Central America (XIX-XXI centuries)
  • Foreign Languages in the Digital Humanities travel grant
  • Attendance and performance at the international Society of Bassists 50th Anniversary Convention
  • Supermassive Black Hole Conference travel grant

There are two types of grant opportunities available: Small Grants (requests for less than $750.00) and Large Grants (requests for $750.00 or more). Small grants are approved throughout the academic year on an ongoing basis (i.e., you can apply for small grants any time during the academic year); large grant applications are reviewed once per year in April. The APPLICATION DEADLINE for large grants is midnight on the first Friday in April.

Funding is recommended to the university administration by fellow lecturers on the Non-Senate Faculty Professional Development Fund council. The grants are competitive; the pool is funded by UCSC at ~$34,000 per year, and unused funds are rolled over into the next year. Guidelines are available here.