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Bargaining Update #11 October 14, 2015 Riverside


Yesterday and today we spent waiting, and sometimes writing. We had told the UC about four times that they needed to present a proposal on Article 7b, which governs the process of achieving a continuing appointment. (Yes, all lecturers can get continuing appointments, and if someone has told you cannot, that person is violating our contract, and we would like to know.)

We needed to see their proposal because without it, we cannot make our proposals on Lecturer appointments and layoff. In any case, we didn’t get their proposal  until 5:00 P.M.

This morning we caucused and worked on our proposals. In the afternoon, we discussed several articles that covered unit membership, materials for instructional support, such as computers, access to websites, etc., and release time for Union-University negotiations. We also discussed the proposal on 7b UC made on Tuesday.

In terms of the last two days, the highlight of bargaining has been the rally. Both days, two dozen people marched, held signs, and yelled for an equitable contract, with stable appointments, fair retirement benefits, and more inclusion in UC decisions that affect our classes. We are grateful to Jose Medina, California Assemblymember from the 61st district, including UCR, who both welcomed us into his office and walked with us (no marching, Riverside was too hot) during our rally. We hope that the UC listens closely to our proposals tomorrow.