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Bargaining Update #12 October 15, 2015 Riverside


Today we had a tough day, but we drove the UC from the table as they could not tolerate our demands for more stable and consistent Lecturer appointments. They left the table, came back, made a statement, and broke for the day.

While the anger was partially sparked by our interested in significantly shortening the period of time before a Lecturer undergoes an excellence review, the tipping point occurred as we discussed a new provision that would require a department chair or program director to discuss an NSF’s teaching at the mid-point of a the pre-continuing period (between year two and year four). We aren’t sure if it is the work involved in observing someone’s class, the obligation to treat an employee as someone who can learn and grow, or the fear that an NSF might get the idea that he or she would be a good person to teach a few of the campus’s five- to twenty-thousand undergrads for the next decade or two, but this was the last straw for the UC. Perhaps they think Californians can best learn from permanent temps.

Next week, we go to Santa Cruz, to fight the good fight there.