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Bargaining Update #14 October 23, 2015 Santa Cruz


Today, we passed Article 35—No Strikes/No Lockout, and Article 42—Online Instruction. We want to protect Lecturers from unfair language about job actions. Also, we want to prevent misuse of online instruction and help Lecturers make transitions to a new medium of instruction, as it develops.

The UC presented a “package,” in which they demand that we accept all of their proposals on seven articles: 5—Unit Definition, 25—Union Rights, 26—Release Time for UC-AFT Business, 27—Payroll Deduction, 30—Discipline and Dismissal, 32—Grievance Procedure, 33—Arbitration, 36—Past Practice, and 37—Waiver. Since the very first article violates a Public Employee Relations Board decision, we will find it—difficult—to accept their offer.

They have some promising ideas on Grievance and Arbitration, but less promising ideas in other aspects of their offer. We will counter next week, as we move into the very end of this nine-month process.

We have much to do, but they have further to go.