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Bargaining Update #2 August 11, 2022


UC-AFT Demonstration Teachers have presented 8 proposals in total to the UCLA Lab School Administrative Bargaining Team. We have Math Conference.jpegmore proposals ready to present this upcoming week.

Devin Dillon commended us for our hard work and the time we have spent on our proposals. Now we need management to reciprocate. They can show us they are committed to good faith bargaining by spending the time necessary to pass us binding proposals that will strengthen the UCLA Lab School community.

Cristina Paul said to the management team, “The ball is in your court! We look forward to receiving contract language from you on Monday.” Unfortunately, management’s team has not committed to working on or having any proposal ready by then.

We have been waiting to bargain for six months and our contract has been expired for nearly three years. Good faith bargaining is critical for UCLA Lab School Demonstration Teachers. This process impacts our livelihood and working conditions. Importantly, reaching an agreement on all mandatory subjects of bargaining will improve teaching conditions and learning conditions.


We hope the UCLA Lab School Administrative Bargaining Team spends the time necessary to respond and write their own counter proposals to be passed to us this upcoming week.