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Call for Nominations for University Council Statewide Officer Candidates, 2020-2021

Call for Nominations for University Council Statewide Officer Candidates, 2020-2021
To University Council - AFT
February 5, 2020
Please submit nominations for UC-AFT officer candidates for the following positions to the Nominations Committee members listed below by February 20, 2020. Nominations will close on February 20, except where no nomination has been made for an office.

Candidates requested for:

Vice President for Organization
Vice President for Legislation
Vice President for Grievances
Secretary Treasurer

Current nominees:

                   Mia McIver, Incumbent
                   Bob Samuels
                   Ben Harder
           Vice President for Organization:
                    Daniel Schoorl, incumbent
                    Roxi Power
                    Dolly Wilson
           Vice President for Legislation:
                    John Rundin, incumbent
          Vice President for Grievances:
                     Carla Arbagey, incumbent
                     Cristella Garcia-Spitz
          Secretary Treasurer:
                      Miki Goral, incumbent

Please note that each nominee must be a member of the local for at least one year to be eligible for nomination. Self-nomination is permitted. All present officers are eligible to run for re-election. Nominees are expected to produce a candidate's statement of no more than 500 words to be posted to the UC-AFT website prior to the election, which will be conducted at our Council meeting in Oakland on March 21. UC-AFT constitution and bylaws are available from the UC-AFT website for information about duties and responsibilities for each office. Please send all nominations to the Nominations Committee Chair, Kendra K. Levine at:

The UC-AFT web site lists current officers:
UC-AFT Constitution and Bylaws:

In Unity,

Kendra K. Levine, Nominations Committee Chair
Mitchell Brown
Megan Strom