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Call for Nominations: Council Executive Board 2019-20 (Nominees listed)


Dear UC-AFT members,

Every April at our statewide Council Meeting, we elect statewide officers for the next academic year. See the call for nominations below, including nominations received to date for each office.

Call for Nominations: Council Executive Board (Term: June 15, 2019- June 14, 2020)           

For more information on the duties associated with each of these offices, see the UC-AFT Constitution and Bylaws: Please send all nominations to the Nominations Committee Chair, Kendra Levine at:  Please note that each nominee must have been a member of the local for at least one year to be eligible for nomination. Self-nomination is permitted. Nominees are expected to produce a candidate's statement, which will be posted on the UC-AFT website on March 14 or as soon as it is submitted thereafter.  According the UC-AFT Constitution, the nomination period closes on March 14 for all offices for which we received nominations by February 27.  The nominations committee received no nominations prior to February 27, so nominations for all offices will be accepted up to the election at the Council meeting. Elections will be held on April 13th, 2019 at the UC-AFT council meeting in Northern California.

Current nominees are listed below under the office they were nominated for.

Mia McIver--Incumbent, Unit 18, UCLA

Vice President for Grievances
Carla Arbagey, Unit 17, UCR

Vice President for Organization
Daniel Schoorl, Unit 17, UCLA

Vice President for Legislation  
 John Rundin, Unit 18, UCD   

Miki Goral, Incumbent, Unit 17, UCLA

In Unity,

Kendra Levine, UC Berkeley, Nominations Committee Chair

Derek Sollberger, UC Merced, Nominations Committee

Katia McClain, UC Santa Barbara, Nominations Committee