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Call for Nominations for University Council Statewide Officer Candidates, 2021-2022


Call for Nominations for University Council Statewide Officer Candidates, 2021-2022

To University Council - AFT
March 5, 2021

Please submit nominations for UC-AFT officer candidates for the following positions to the Nominations Committee members listed below. The nominations committee has decided to keep the nominations period open until March 17. In cases where no nomination has been made for an office by March 17, nominations will remain open until the Council meeting. The nomination acceptance deadline is March 31. Candidate statements should be submitted by March 31. Please note that each nominee must have been a member of the union for at least one year to be eligible for nomination. Self-nomination is permitted.

Candidate nominations requested for:

Council Executive Board
Vice President for Organization
Vice President for Legislation
Vice President for Grievances
Secretary Treasurer
Unit 17 Vice President (New position if constitutional amendment passes) Only Unit 17 members may vote on this seat.
Unit 18 Vice President (New position if constitutional amendment passes) Only Unit 18 members may vote on this seat.

Council Representatives
These will be new positions if the constitutional amendment passes. Each Chapter will have Chapter Chairs as Council reps, plus one elected rep for each 200 dues paying members in the Chapter. Only members of the Chapter may nominate and vote on Council Representative positions.

Berkeley Chapter Council Representative (3 positions)
Davis Chapter Council Representative (2 positions)
Santa Cruz Chapter Council Representative (2 positions)
Merced Chapter Council Representative (1 position)
Santa Barbara Chapter Council Representative (1 position)
Los Angeles Chapter Council Representative (3 positions)
Riverside Chapter Council Representative (1 position)
Irvine Chapter Council Representative (2 positions)
San Diego Chapter Council Representative (2 positions)

All present officers are eligible to run for reelection. Nominees are expected to produce a candidate's statement of no more than 500 words to be posted to the UC-AFT website by March 31.

If the constitutional amendment passes, the amendment will be ratified by the Council at our April 17 meeting, and officer elections will be conducted per the new constitutional provisions via a one person one vote statewide ballot. The election will be held May 1-5.  If the constitutional amendment passes, terms in office will begin July 1 and last for two years. Information on the proposed constitutional amendment is posted here:

If the Constitutional amendment does not pass, the election will be held at the April 17 Council meeting per our current constitution. In this case, nominations for all current Council E-board positions will remain open up to the Council meeting, when nominations will be solicited, accepted and the vote conducted. If the constitutional amendment does not pass, terms in office will begin June 15 and last for one year.

The current UC-AFT constitution and bylaws are available on the UC-AFT website for information about current duties and responsibilities for each office.

The proposed amended constitution includes updated duties and responsibilities for each office, including the new offices of VP for Unit 17, VP for Unit 18 and Council Representatives.

Please send all nominations to the Nominations Committee Chair, Rebecca Fordon at:

In Unity,

Rebecca Fordon, Nominations Committee Chair, UCLA, Unit 17
Mitchell Brown, UCI, Unit 17
Shannon Garland, UCM, Unit 18
Megan Strom, UCSD, Unit 18