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Collective Meeting

Event date and time: 
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
McHenry 2359
Event description: 

Collective meeting to discuss bylaws and organizational structure. All members are welcome; collective members are encouraged to attend. 

Agenda 3/6


NSF PDF committee openings (Tony Hoffman)

Expected outcome: Members come forth to fill the openings or, alternatively, we send out a call to the activist list.

What do our bylaws say and how can we diverge from them (Jeb)?

Expected outcome: Share a common understanding of our bylaws and the extent to which they are malleable.

What is the job of the collective? Breakdown of how we’ve shared roles this past year and report back on how that’s going.

Expected outcome: Brainstorming session for different configurations/roles and issues. Write up a description and “best practices” for each of these roles.

Development of the site rep network (including relation to collective and larger union work).

Emphasis on the fact that post-Janus all leaders need to help sign people up and/or guide site work.

Expected outcome: Update members on the state of this initiative.

What further changes do we envision post-Janus?

Expected outcome: Elicit comments on the changes members envision.

What changes would need to be made to bylaws to accommodate these changes?

Expected outcome: Gain a shared understanding of implications of the changes we expect.

Independently of Janus, how would we like to see the union evolve?

Expected outcome: Gather perspectives on how we envision our union in the future.

Announcements (Roxi)

NEO bargaining update from Labor Relations

Janus week actions: UCSC’s big rally last Monday

Launching of recommitment campaign (modeled after UC Davis)

Membership blitz: getting to 80% Winter quarter, 90% or more Spring quarter