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Free Higher Education

51+gVS00iiL._AA160_.jpgHigher education can be free... or at least students can graduate from college or university debt free, if we are bold enough to reimagine and then change how we allocate state and federal funds for higher education.  Nationally, state support for colleges and universities has dwindled, while federal loan programs are inefficiently distributed to both public and private institutions through loan programs and tax breaks. Where state and federal funding fall short, students and their families are forced to take on the additional cost of attending college, often by incurring significant debt.

UC-AFT believes that higher education can be free for students if we reallocate existing state and federal spending.   Check out this paper by UC-AFT President, Bob Samuels:         Making All Public Higher Education Free 

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List of American Free College Programs

Congress on Free Higher Ed
US Senate Resolution on Debt Free Higher education 
Senate Progressive Caucus statement on Debt Free Higher Education

State Plans for Free Higher Ed
Oregano passes free community college bill as congressional democrats introduce federal version  Insider Higher Ed
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Obama Administration on Free Higher Ed
President’s  Free Community College Plan
President’s plan reviewed
President’s video
VP Biden video 

 Free Higher Ed Organizations
Campaign for Free College Tuition
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Presidential Hopefuls on Free Higher Ed
Bernie Sanders 
Bernie Sanders Free College plan

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Martin O'Malley Debt-free Higher Ed Plan

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Free Higher Ed in other Countries

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