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Lab School Teachers Opt Out...Here's Why


Why Aren’t Demonstration Teachers Participating in Town Halls and State of the School Addresses?

Demonstration Teachers create safe and brave spaces for students at our school yet we are afraid to ask questions of administrators, to share our perspective with the community, and to correct misinformation that is shared with families at UCLA Lab School.

Demonstration Teachers have been silenced. Several have been disciplined, dismissed, or have left because of the current administration. Our learning community was once a place of openness and democratic dialogue. Now morale, trust, and collaboration between the lab school administration and Demonstration Teachers has collapsed.

In the absence of safe spaces to communicate, Demonstration Teachers need a contract with enforceable language to protect teaching and learning conditions.

UCLA Lab School Teachers need the following to serve your children:

  • PLANNING TIME to design responsive and engaging learning experiences that meet the needs of all children
  • A RAISE that acknowledges our expertise; the work we do in teaching and learning, research, and public engagement; and massive inflation
  • INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORTS to ensure ALL our students are safe, successful, and happy at school and that teachers have a manageable workload
  • CLEAR, CONSISTENT, and TIMELY EVALUATIONS to help us hone our craft and reflect the work we do with elementary school children

We have repeatedly called on Principal Lazo to stand with Demonstration Teachers. Since she has chosen not to, we ask families to stand with us. Share our petition to Dean Tina Christie and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Darnell Hunt. Together we can restore a safe and caring working and learning environment at UCLA Lab School.


Sign our petition: