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Leadership Changes on Our UC-AFT Executive Board...Special Election Announcement


A message from UC-AFT President, Mia McIver


After bargaining our momentous 2021-2026 Unit 18 faculty contract, overseeing its implementation, and working with UC-AFT’s K-12 teacher members to negotiate provisions specific to their school contexts, Unit 18 Vice President Tiffany Page has resigned. Before she was elected to the Executive Board, Tiffany’s leadership transformed and reinvigorated our Bay Area chapter through her commitment to democratic, inclusive, participatory unionism. Later, her strategic acumen and moral clarity guided our Unit 18 bargaining team to a resounding victory. Tiffany, thank you for serving your colleagues so well.


It’s time for me to step back from the Executive Board also. After five years as President, I feel it’s the right time to pass the leadership baton to others. Achieving labor and education justice is a marathon, not a sprint, and we can always benefit from fresh energy and new perspectives. You can read some of my reflections on the past few years here.


We will therefore have a vacancy election for two seats on our systemwide Executive Board. Our Nominations and Elections Committee will follow up this message with a call for nominations for UC-AFT President and Unit 18 Vice President, to be followed by an election from October 31st to November 6th. My resignation will be effective as of the close of the ballot on November 6th, and the next President and Unit 18 VP will take office immediately.


I’ll remain in office and working with and for you for the next month or so, enjoying every minute. Solidarity forever!


In unity,