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Librarian Caucus Plans for Contract Negotiations


The UC-AFT Librarians’ Caucus met on January 23rd during the UC-AFT Council meeting to discuss our upcoming contract re-opener.  Our contract, also known as the UC-AFT – UC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), states that we have the right to re-open up to two articles beginning in July 2016.  

The Librarians’ Caucus discussed how to determine which articles to open, and agreed that this should be as democratic a process as possible.  We will soon send out a survey to all represented librarians asking which issues are important to you, such as salary, professional development, flexible work schedules, and more.  

We will approach re-opener bargaining with two teams: the Negotiations Team, and the Bargaining Team.  The Negotiations Team, led by Chief Negotiator Axel Borg (Davis), will be a smaller group of librarians who will negotiate with UC Labor Relations.  The Bargaining Committee will be a larger group with several representatives from each campus.  Bargaining Team members will advise the Negotiations Team during bargaining days and provide feedback from their campus.  We are currently seeking members for the Bargaining Committee; if you would like to become a member, please contact your UC-AFT Field Rep.  

The next meeting of the Librarians’ Caucus is scheduled for Saturday, March 5th from 10am-3pm at the CFT Burbank Offices.  During this important meeting, we will determine which articles we would like to re-open and come up with an organizing plan to support UC librarian rights.  If you are interested in attending the meeting and becoming a member of the Bargaining Committee, please contact Axel Borgor your UC-AFT Field Rep.

The CFT Offices are located at 2550 N. Hollywood Way Suite 400, Burbank, CA (directly across the street from the Burbank Airport); travel, parking, breakfast, and lunch will be provided.  

Carla Arbagey
UC-AFT Bargaining Team 
UCR LIbrarian