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March 1 Pay Increase, Ratification Bonus and 1% Back Pay Awards


Our new Unit 18 Teaching Faculty contract incudes annual salary increases for the life of the contract in addition to 3% merit increases with each pre-continuing reappointment. Continuing appointee merit increase remain on the three year cycle. The Q&A below describes these raises in detail.  On March 1, 2022 the first of these raises will be delivered in paychecks. In addition to the negotiated increases to the pay scale, many Unit 18 members will receive a $1500 contract ratification bonus and a 1% back pay settlement award.  The timing of the ratification bonus and the 1% back pay are not certain, however we expect both payments to be issued in the month of March.  

Ratification Bonus Eligibility
The ratification bonus ($1500) will only be paid to Unit members who were on payroll at the time of contract ratification on December 3, 2021.  If you are not on payroll now, but you were on payroll at the time of ratification, you will still receive the bonus. 

1% Back Pay Settlement Eligibility
Any earnings from Unit 18 positions from the beginning of Fall 2019 through May 31, 2021 are eligible for a 1% back pay award. Eligible members will receive the settlement even if no longer employed or on payroll at UC. K-12 teachers at the Preuss Schoool, Demonstration Teachers at the Lab School and Teacher Special Programs are not eligible because the pay scales for positions were not subject to the contract language in dispute that led to the settlement. 

Read the full settlement agreement here.

What salary increases does the new contract provide?
Unit 18 faculty will receive, on average, approximately 30% raises over the 4 ½ years of the contract (which expires on June 30, 2026). The 30% includes both guaranteed cost of living increases (called “general range adjustments” and typically paid on July 1 of each year) that amount to 7%, 3%, 3%, 3%, and 4%, and performance-based merit increases of at least 6% for Pre-Six and Continuing Lecturers. Additionally, a shift to a new salary scale on February 1, 2022, will bring variable raises that will average 1.3% across the bargaining unit and result in individual increases of somewhere between 0% (if your current salary is identical to a point on the new salary scale) and 2.9% (if your current salary is just barely above one of the points on the new salary scale and you’re bumped up to the next highest point).

Compounding the cost of living and merit increases along with the salary scale increase yields average raises of 30% over the life of the contract.

Additionally, all UC-AFT faculty on payroll as of Dec. 3rd, 2021, will receive a one-time, lump sum ratification bonus of $1500.

When are the raises effective?
If we ratify the contract by December 3, 2021, the first general range adjustment (7%), the shift to a salary scale (average 1.3%) will be paid in our March 1, 2022, paychecks (which compensate for work performed in February 2022).

The exact percentage increase that you receive will vary depending on where your current salary is within the Unit 18 salary range, but will be at least 7%, on average about 8%. Those currently appointed at the minimum salary ($56,945 for a full-time 100% appointment) will receive raises of at least 9.5% and on average about 10.5%.

When you take the additional 3% July 1, 2022, general range adjustment into account, that amounts to average raises of at least 11% in the first year of the new contract.

When and how will $1500 ratification bonus be paid?
The $1500 one-time, lump-sum ratification bonus will be paid on or very near March 1, 2022, to all Unit 18 faculty who are on payroll as of December 3, 2021, the date of ratification. Everyone with an appointment that is active as of December 2021 will receive the bonus regardless of employment status as of March 2022.

How does the salary increase and transition to the new scale work?
The current Table 17 Standard Table of Starting Salaries begins with our current minimum salary of $56,945. The first step in moving to the new scale is to remove the bottom salary point on Table 17 and establish the new minimum at $58,369. Then, the transition scale with 3% increment salary points will be established. Finally, every point on the transition scale will increase by 7%.

To find your Feb 2022 salary rate, (received in March 1 paycheck) first find the salary point that is equal to or just higher than your current annual salary rate on the transition scale (column d). Then, slide over to the Feb 2022 scale (column e) in the same row to find your new, annual salary rate. There are a couple of examples highlighted in color throughout the scales.

How do I see how much of a raise I'll get from the transition to the new scale before the 7%?
The transition raise will vary for everyone. Once you know your transition scale salary rate, you can use this formula to calculate the percentage increase:

(transition scale rate - current salary) / current salary rate x 100 = % increase.
(67,665 - 65,795) / 65795 x 100 = 2.8%

What is the new minimum Unit 18 Pre-Six Lecturer salary?
The minimum salary will increase from $56,945 to $62,362. Note that this is not necessarily a starting salary. You may (and you should) ask your department chair to place you at a point on the salary scale consistent with your credentials and experience. Department chairs have nearly total discretion to appoint lecturers above the minimum salary points.