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March 4th Statewide Day of Action--Californian's Unite to Support Education


A broad coalition of students, faculty, and staff from K-12, the community colleges, CSU's and UC are uniting in a statewide day of action on March 4th to protest chronic underfunding of education in California, and to demand restoration of access, affordability and quality for all.  UC-AFT and our state affiliate, CFT, have endorsed the actions on March 4th.  We encourage all of our members to take this opportunity to raise awareness about the impacts of the budget cuts on our ability to deliver the highest quality of instruction and service in the classroom and libraries.

UC-AFT has adopted the following four broad points as the core of our March 4th message:

1.  We must have transparency in the UC budget 

2.  UC must rehire non-senate faculty and restore courses in order to maintain the intregrity of UC's academic mission

3.  UC must restore library budgets and extend services 

4.  UC must reinvigorate the principles of shared governance and put the direction of the University back in the hands of faculty

For more information, please navigate to our dedicated March 4th page via the link on the right side menu, or:


Budget Crisis