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Merit Increases and Acceleration


Accelerations (where the review was on schedule, but you skipped a step or more) exist in a different form under the point system.  Instead of an acceleration, one simply requests a greater-than-minimum number of points.  There is no maximum number of extra points you can request.

  • The university is recommending model language for review initiators that is being read to prohibit them from recommending a specific number of points as part of the recommended action. Instead, the language guides RIs to indicate only whether the review should receive a “standard” or “greater-than-standard merit increase.” 
  • Some campuses are insisting that candidates and peer- review committees utilize the same language, leaving the deciding official (often the UL) without any specific guidance on the number of points to award.

There is NOTHING in the new MOU that prevents you, or your RI, or your peer-review committee from recommending a specific number of points. UC-AFT will work to ensure that campus review committees understand that the MOU requires “a comprehensive report and recommendation for action” that includes a recommendation on the number of points to award.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO:  It is more important than ever that you make the case for the level of merit increase you deserve in your personal statement.  Be sure to specify the number of points you think you deserve based on your performance.