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Professional Activities


Professional activities outside of the university are essential to the work that we do to keep UC libraries at the forefront of the great research libraries.

Our new contract strengthens our professional status in three key ways: 

  • It clarifies that professional activities, service, and research (criteria b-d) can be relevant to a librarian’s career path, and not merely to a librarian’s primary job description.
  • Research is more clearly defined to include any academic research, not just that which pertains narrowly to the field of library science.
  • The description of activities accepted as research is expanded under criterion d.

One area of our contract that needs to be improved is the amount of professional development funds that librarians receive. The current funding is inadequate, and it does not reflect the significant contribution our professional work makes to the university.  Increasing the amount of professional development funds will be a priority in our next round of negotiations.

UC-AFT is committed to continually advancing the professional status of UC librarians.  To that end, we are establishing a standing Committee on Librarian Academic and Professional Status, which will promote the professional status of UC librarians and publicize the benefits to the university from our professional work.