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Public Employment Relations Board Alleges UC Management Has Engaged in Unfair Labor Practices


UCLA Lab School Demonstration Teachers have long understood that UCLA and UCLA Lab School Administration’s refusal to negotiate with us was a violation of labor law. On Friday, September 30th, we found out that PERB (Public Employment Relations Board) agrees with us!

PERB issued a Complaint which means that the State agency with oversight of public sector labor law has determined, based on the information we and UC management provided, that UC management likely violated labor law with respect to our negotiations in four different but connected ways:

  1. UC Management and UCLA Lab School Administration made Unilateral Changes to the school calendar without meeting and conferring with us.
  2. UC Management and UCLA Lab School Administration made Unilateral Changes to the past practice of negotiating a comprehensive side letter and refused to bargain any topic but teacher salary.
  3. UC Management and UCLA Lab School Administration committed a Per Se Refusal to Bargain and interfered with Demonstration Teachers right to bargain topics other than teacher salary.
  4. UC Management and UCLA Lab School Administration Failed to Bargain in Good Faith because they delayed the start of negotiations for 6 months, misrepresented plans to change our terms of employment, and took contradictory positions with the lab school community about their obligation to negotiate the school calendar, among other things.

UCLA Lab School Demonstration Teachers feel heartened that an objective third party, and THE agency that unions and public employers go to to address labor disputes, recognizes there is strong evidence that UC Management has not acted in good faith!!! PERB will ask us and UC Management to try to settle in an “informal settlement conference,” which is a mediation conducted by PERB. If agreement is not reached through the informal settlement conference, PERB will conduct a formal hearing and issue a decision and remedy. The complaint issued by PERB on September 30th outlines the violations by UCLA and Lab School management in very clear and strong terms.


We appreciate your goodwill and support as we continue to advocate for ourselves and our students throughout the negotiation process.