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Resolution in Defense of Science and in Support of the April 22 March for Science


As the union of non-senate faculty and librarians at the University of California, our membership includes scientists from across the disciplines who conduct original research and contribute to peer reviewed publications, teach science at graduate and undergraduate levels, and manage collections and support faculty research for some of the premier science departments and programs in the world.

UC-AFT believes that the integrity of science and the scientific method, and the institutions of peer review and academic freedom must be upheld and defended from any and all political or ideological attacks from the Trump administration and the Republican congress.

UC-AFT rejects the anti-science rhetoric and positions of the Trump administration, including executive orders undermining science based environmental protections, threats to defund institutions and agencies, gag orders on scientists and agencies, denial of the science of climate change, and cynical and destructive cabinet appointments to agencies that oversee and administer federal science and environmental programs and regulations. We are especially perturbed by the selection of Rick Perry and Scott Pruitt to head the Dept of Energy and the EPA, respectively.

UC-AFT is committed to fostering scientific literacy in our students and in our communities.  We reject efforts by the Trump administration and the Republican Congress to undermine science and popular trust in the scientific community.

As a labor union, we understand the meaning of solidarity.  A politically motivated attack on a climate scientist is an attack on all of science.  An ideological attack on an environmental regulation is an attack on all evidence and science-based policy.

UC-AFT believes that attacks by the Trump administration and the Republican Congress on science, and on women, on lgbtq people and people of color, of Muslim faith, and on immigrants, all of whom make up the scientific community, must be rejected and responded to with support and organization.

Therefore, UC-AFT commits to provide our members with support to organize resistance to the Trump and Republican agenda, and to provide a platform to share the value and contributions of our diverse scientific community.

UC-AFT endorses the April 22 March for Science and the April 29 People’s March for Climate Justice and we will provide support to our members to organize and participate in these marches. 

Trinity Commons, CSUC Campus
Fresno: 3-5pm
Radio Park, N 1st St. 
Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Ctr
Livermore: 1-4pm
Livermore High, 600 Maple St.
Los Angeles: 9am-4pm
Pershing Square Park 
Merced (4/15): 10am-12pm
Court House Square Park
Modesto: 11am-1pm
Modesto Jr College West Campus
Riverside: 9am
Riverside Superior Court
Sacramento: 10am-4pm
Capital Mall
San Diego:10am-2pm
Civic Center, 1200 3rd Ave
San Francisco
San Jose
San Luis Obispo: 10-11:30am
Emerson Park
Santa Ana: 10am-3pm
Peter & Mary Muth Interpretive Ctr
Santa Barbara: 11am-2pm
De la Guerra Pl.
Santa Cruz: 10-11am
Santa Cruz City Hall

Download this poster to share your message on why you will march on April 22.  Send us a picture of you with your message and we'll add it to our Facebook campaign in support of the March for Science.  Check out the pics below to see what we've already posted!


M4Science_Burg (1).pngM4Science_Brown.pngM4Science_Corman.pngM4Science_Harder.pngM4Science_Harjes.pngM4Science_Tonkovich.pngM4Science_Borg.png

M4Science_McIver (1).png