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Executive Board Special Election Timeline and Nominees


Dear UC-AFT Leaders,

Our Nominations and Elections Committee has established a timeline for a special election to fill the vacant offices on our Council Executive Board. Vice President for Legislation and Vice President for Grievances are currently vacant. The Duties of Officers are described in Article VI of the UC-AFT Constitution.

Current Nominees

  • VP Grievances
    • Kat Lewin (declined)
    • Iris Ruiz (accepted)
    • Ben Harder (accepted)
  • VP Legislation
    • Trevor Griffey (accepted)
    • Christopher Ramirez (declined)

We will conduct a special election to fill these offices for the remainder of the two-year terms, which end on June 30, 2023.


Nominations are due by Wednesday, February 23.

Nomination acceptance deadline is Wednesday, March 2.

Candidate statements should be submitted by Friday, March 4.

Two candidate forums will be scheduled between March 4 and April 11.


The election will be conducted online April 11-17 and terms begin immediately.

Please note that each nominee must have been a member of the union for at least one year to be eligible for nomination. Self-nomination is permitted and encouraged! Please submit nominations to the Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, Rebecca Fordon:

In unity,

Rebecca Fordon, Nominations Committee Chair, UCLA, Unit 17
Mitchell Brown, UCI, Unit 17
Megan Strom, UCSD, Unit 18