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Teaching Faculty Tentative Agreement Contract Langauge


CCL: Current Contract change to the language
TA: Tentative Agreement...changes to the language

Preamble CCL
Transition Plan Pre-Six Appointees TA New Side Letter
Article 1--Recognition TA
Article 2--Academic Freedom CCL
Article 3--Academic Responsibility CCL
Article 4--Non-Discrimination in Employment TA
Article 5--Description of Unit Titles  TA
Article 6--Academic Year - Appointment TA
Article 7a--NSF Appointments TA
Article 7b--Process for Initial Continuing Appointments TA
Article 7c--Continuing Appointments TA
Article 7d- Senior Continuing Lecturer TA New Article
Article 8--Instructional Support TA
Article 9--Professional Concerns, Meetings and Programs TA
Article 10- Personnel Files TA
Article 11--Benefits TA
Article 12--Leaves TA
Article 13- Travel TA
Article 14--Holidays  CCL
Article 15- Moving Expenses CCL
Article 16- Medical Separation TA
Article 17- Layoff, Reduction in Time, and Reemployment TA
Article 18--Resignation CCL
Article 19- Reassignment TA
Article 20--Reasonable Accommodation TA
Article 21--Compensation TA
Article 22--Merit Review Process TA
Article 23--Summer Session TA
Article 24--Instructional Workload TA
Article 25--Union Rights TA
Article 26--Release Time for UC-AFT Business TA
Article 27--Payroll Deductions CCL
Article 28- Management Rights CCL
Article 29- Academic Calendars CCL
Article 30--Discipline and Dismissal CCL
Article 31- Pre-Six Mentoring Meeting  Struck this Article
Article 32--Grievance Procedure TA
Article 33--Arbitration TA
Article 34--Immigration Reform and Control Act CCL
Article 35--No Strikes/ No Lockout CCL
Article 36--Past Practice not Covered by Agreement TA
Article 37--Waiver TA
Article 38- Severability CCL
Article 39- Successors
Article 40--Duration TA
Article 41- Parking TA
Article 42--Online Instruction TA
Health and Safety TA New Article
Academic Review Criteria TA New Article

Salary Scales

Salary Scale February 2022 and Salary Transition
New Appendix - Parking TA