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UAW Strike Effects Agreement Reached...Submit Claims for Additional Work Now


On March 24, UC-AFT and UCOP reached a settlement agreement to address the effects of the UAW strike on UC-AFT members.  The agreement includes a provision on use of student evaluations in future reappointments and reviews and a significant process for receiving compensation for additional work performed during and after the strike.  UC-AFT's guidance to members during and after the strike was first to refuse any struck work, and to fully document any assigned or expected work that you performed.  

If you had ASE's (TA or Readers) assigned to your classes in Fall 2022, and they participated in the strike, please read the settlement agreement carefully to determine if you are eligible for compensation.   Side Letter Agreement Fall 2022 UAW Strike Effects on Unit 18 Faculty 

After you've read the agreement, if you have questions about eligibility or the process for submitting a claim, please get in touch with the UC-AFT Field Rep on your campus.

We have created this claim submission form tool in an effort to assist UC-AFT members with submitting these claims.  The form covers all required eligibility criteria and the documentary information needed for claims. When you complete this form, you will receive an email with all of the necessary information which can be forwarded to your chair to complete the claim.  This form is an easy way to ensure compliance with the process. 

Compensation Request Form (Optional):

The agreement includes a deadline of April 28, 2023 for submitting claims. Please act on this now to ensure that you are compensated for your work.