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UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Update #22 Zoom July 14


UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Session #22

July 14, 2020


Over 160 Members and Allies Pack the Zoom Room!

We set a record for the number of lecturers and allies attending bargaining on July 14. Even more impressive was the fact that the vast majority of the folks on the call said out loud: “If UC admin forces us to impasses, I will support a strike.” This was a massive and impressive display of collective power. Nadine Fishel - the UC chief negotiator - did not like that one bit and tried to downplay her own decision-making authority.

As outlined below, we reached tentative agreement on several articles, which is important progress in the right direction. At this session, we did not discuss rehiring rights and multi-year appointments. However, we want our members to know that we remain firmly committed to these demands and will likely be bargaining over them in the upcoming sessions on July 22 and July 29. We will need members and allies to once again join us during these important sessions to turn up the heat! You can sign up at

Tentative Agreements Reached between UC admin and UC-AFT

We reached tentative agreements on several administrative articles:

  • Article 1-Recognition (defining our bargaining unit)

  • Article 5-Description of Unit Titles (adding K-12 instructors at the Preuss School at UCSD and the Lab School and Geffen Academy at UCLA)

  • Article 10-Personnel Files (ensuring that when information is corrected in one location it will be corrected in all other places where it appears)

  • Article 13-Travel (ensuring that the same policies and procedures that apply to Senate faculty apply to us as well).

We offered to sign a tentative agreement on Article 6-Academic Year Appointments based on UC admin's own proposal from March 6, 2020. For unknown reasons, they declined.

We also won a verbal commitment from UC admin to replace the term "non-Senate faculty" with "Unit 18 faculty" in our contract so that we're no longer defined by what we're excluded from (i.e., the Academic Senate).

UC-AFT Passes Compensation and Duration Proposals

We passed compensation and duration proposals that would 1) continue to link raises for us to raises tenure-track faculty receive (a historic feature of our contract that UC admin has proposed doing away with), 2) settle our wage theft grievance by retroactively increasing our salary scale 2 1/3% as of October 1, 2019, and 3) put in place a contract in effect until the end of February, 2022.

We also passed Article 17-Layoff, Article 9-Professional Concerns, Article 7b-Excellence Review and believe that we are close to tentative agreements on all three.