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UC-AFT Insider August 2017


University Council-AFT Insider
August 10, 2017

In this issue:

·Salary Increase Arrives in August 1 Paychecks

·Dirks Smirks—434,000 Reasons to Smile

·AB 119: Bargaining Update and Survey

·ARL Diversity Scholar Award: Leyla Cabugos, UC Davis

·Know Your Rights: Unemployment Appeal Victory at UCSC!

Salary Increase Arrives in August 1 Paychecks
All UC-AFT members should see a pay increase in the August 1 paycheck. Librarians should have a 1.5% increase per the “me too” clause in Article 13 C. 2 Salary in the Unit 17 MOU. Non-Senate Faculty should have a 2.5% increase per Article 21 C. 2 Compensation in the Unit 18 MOU. Please remember to check your paystub monthly to make sure your pay rate and deductions are correct.

Dirks Smirks—434,000 Reasons to Smile
UC Berkeley’s tarnished former Chancellor, Nicholas Dirks, will enjoy the next year on paid leave with a full salary of $434,000. If UC were to divide Smirking Dirks’ annual handout amongst the 368 librarians working in the UC system today, each librarian would receive approximately $1179, which is very close to 1.4% of the average salary of our librarian members. Librarians will toil for the next year to collect our 1.5% raise, and when negotiations begin for the librarian contract in February 2018, we will remember that UC has the money.

AB 119: Orientations Bargaining Update and Survey
The new State law, AB 119, requires public employers, including UC, to provide union access to new employee orientations and to negotiate with unions over the time, place and manner of access to these orientations. Current orientation practices vary widely, from a full-day, lecturer specific orientation at UCM, to brief meetings with department staff to sign essential paper work. UC-AFT has initiated negotiations with UC for Unit 17 and 18 and we are in the process of setting dates. The experiences of lecturers and librarians with onboarding meetings at the campus and department level will be very important for these negotiations. Please complete our survey to provide details about your orientation experience and priorities.

ARL Diversity Scholar Award: Leyla Cabugos, UC Davis
The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) recently announced the 2017-19 ARL Diversity Scholars. Leyla Cabugos, the Diversity Fellow/ Librarian Subject Specialist for Plant Sciences, Plant Biology, and Plant Pathology at Shields Library, a member of UC-AFT and an MLIS student at San Jose State University is one of 18 master of library and information science (MLIS) students to participate in the 2017–2019 Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce (IRDW)* as ARL Diversity Scholars. Congratulations, Leyla! More on the award and Leyla here.

Know Your Rights: Unemployment Appeal Victory at UCSC!
Pre-six NSF are eligible to collect unemployment during breaks in service over the summer and between terms in the academic year when they don’t have reasonable assurance for reemployment in the next term. Check out the unemployment page on UC-AFT’s website for the definition of reasonable assurance and details on how to apply and appeal for unemployment insurance. This Prezi is a great place to start. UC-AFT recently secured a decisive victory from the EDD Appeals Board involving a claim for benefits for the winter break from a lecturer at UCSC. Despite clear precedent, UC frequently objects to unemployment benefits for lecturers. The resources on our unemployment page are invaluable for successfully accessing this important right and benefit.

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The University Council – American Federation of Teachers is an affiliate of the California Federation of Teachers, the American Federation of Teachers and the AFL-CIO.