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UC-AFT Insider May 2010


UC-AFT Insider
May 1, 2010

In this issue:

  • Post-Employment Benefits Presentations Over--Questions Remain
  • Alternative Commission on the Future of UC Convenes at UCLA
  • UC-AFT Legislative Update—Blocking Confirmation of Regent-designate Charlene Zettel
  • Bob Samuel’s Huffington Post Articles
  • Berkeley Inter-Collegiate Athletics Battle Continues


Post-Employment Benefits Presentations Over--Questions Remain
The Post-Employment Benefits task force is wrapping up its month long tour of the campuses this week.  The presentation, available on-line here, is convincing of the need for a quick influx of cash into UCRP, but many of the assumptions behind the numbers are left unclear, and outcomes other than spiraling unfunded liability are left unexplored.  The Academic Senate has come out strongly in favor of a fast ramp up of contributions, and against cuts to benefits levels.  The Senate has also come out against the union proposed joint governance board for UCRP.  For more on this, visit:

Alternative Commission of the Future of UC Convening at UCLA
On May 4th from 5-7pm at Humanities 135, faculty, workers, and students will meet together to discuss an alternative Commission on the Future of the University.  The first hour will consist of presentations outlining specific recommendations, while the second hour will revolve around a democratic selection of the top suggestions.  Follow the links below for more information on the alternative Commission on the Future of UC.

The UCOP Commission will be accepting comments on their first round of recommendations until about May 20th. Read the recommendations and comment here:

UC-AFT Legislative Update—Blocking Confirmation of Regent-designate Charlene Zettel
Our campaign to block Zettel’s nomination is having an impact.  Senate pro Tem Darrel Steinberg invited some UC union leaders to another meeting with Zettel to discuss our concerns with her. 

The union coalition has instead asked for a written statement from Zettel committing her support and vote for joint governance of UCRP should she become a Regent.  Zettel is putting in a last ditch effort to save her confirmation and is lobbying senators now.   She has many relationships in Sacramento, so we need to redouble our efforts to put pressure on senators not to confirm her.
For more information on Zettel, easy access to your local senator’s contact information, and a sample e-mail to send to your senator, follow this link:


UC-AFT President Bob Samuels’ recent Huffington Post Articles

UC-AFT President Bob Samuels writes about the relationship between the cost of education and budgeting at American research universities in his 4/19 post.  On 4/13, Samuels comments on the growing gap between Wall Street and Main St. and the failure of the Obama stimulus plan to create jobs and to boost the tax base due to an over reliance on tax breaks and deficit aid for states.




Berkeley Intercollegiate Athletics Battle Continue
Recent revelations that UC Berkeley Printing Services reserves were transferred to the Athletics Department to cover ongoing deficits have renewed the fervor over campus spending on athletics while core instructional budgets are cut.  As the campus takes on a huge fund raising effort and $135 million in bonds to finance a new complex for 450 athletes, they have slashed the relatively tiny Physical Education Department budget, which provides for-credit courses open to all UCB students.  See the links below for a May 3rd op-ed by UC-AFT field representative, Michelle Squitieri, and related articles:    (An op-ed piece from twelve Phys. Ed. Lecturers)


If you have not already joined the union, please fill out the attached membership form, or download one from our website.  You are represented by UC-AFT, but representation and deductions from your pay do not mean that you are automatically a member.  You can mail the completed application to the address on the bottom of the form, or contact your local staff for assistance. 


The University Council – American Federation of Teachers is an affiliate of the California Federation of Teachers, the American Federation of Teachers and the AFL-CIO.