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UC-AFT Insider September 2018


University Council-AFT Insider
September 14, 2018

In this issue:

  • Librarian Bargaining Heats Up with Contract Expiration Looming
  • Some Progress in Lecturer Negotiations Over Janus Effects and NEO’s
  • Save the Date: Lecturer New Employee Orientations
  • AFT Class Action Suit Against Navient…You May Be Eligible!

Librarian Bargaining Heats Up with Contract Expiration Looming
Librarian negotiators are pushing hard to get all of our initial proposals on the table before our contract expires on September 30. At the last session on August 28, our team presented our salary proposal for a flat $3500 increase in the first year and 8% increases the following two years. Check out this great flyer on librarian salaries. The next session will be held September 26 at UCLA, which coincides with a two-day Regents meeting on that campus. Meanwhile, UC negotiators have stated that academic freedom is a faculty only right and “not a good fit” for librarians. Please sign our petition demanding academic freedom for librarians. For the rest of the story, tons of good pictures and really great content generated by librarians, please visit:

Some Progress in Lecturer Negotiations Over Janus Effects and NEO’s
Our non-Senate faculty bargaining team is negotiating with UC over the effects of changes to our MOU resulting from the SCOTUS decision on Janus v. AFSCME and the new State law AB 866. UC’s team has not come prepared to these negotiations and progress has been slow on some key issues around dues deduction, as well as on details of new employee orientation location and timing. At our last meeting on September 6 in Oakland, we discussed UC’s proposal to remove part-time Potential Security of Employment lecturers from our bargaining unit. Please take a minute to review updates from these bargaining sessions posted on the UC-AFT website.

Save the Date: Lecturer New Employee Orientations
State law now requires public employers to offer new employee orientations (NEO’s) to all employees, to give our union representatives access to our members at the orientations, and to negotiate with unions over the time, place and manner of the orientations. UC-AFT has worked hard to ensure that each campus offers an orientation that is well noticed and accessible to our members. And, UC-AFT has developed some great materials for these NEO’s that will help orient our new colleagues to our union, our contract and valuable campus resources.

UCR-Wednesday, September 26, 3:30PM, location to be announced
UCI-Friday, September 28, 9:30AM, location to be announced
UCLA-Monday, October 1, time and location to be announced
UCSB-Wednesday, October 3, 2-3PM, Human Resources Learning Center, 3rd Floor SAASB
UCD-Friday, October 5, 1:30-2:15PM, Mrak Hall Room 203
UCSC-Friday, October 5, 3:00-5:00PM, Humanities 359
UCLA-Thursday, October 11, time and location to be announced
UCSD- Friday, October 12, 2:30-3:30PM, Price Center Forum (4th floor)

AFT Class Action Suit Against Navient…You May Be Eligible!
The student loan servicer Navient may be giving AFT members misleading information about eligibility for programs that may reduce student loan payments or eliminate student loan debt. AFT is exploring legal action on behalf of our members who have been harmed by these practices, and is looking for members in California who may be willing to join a class action lawsuit. If you meet the criteria below, and are willing to join the lawsuit to hold Navient accountable, please fill out this brief questionnaire.

  • Have Navient as your federal student loan servicer;
  • Live in or took out federal student loans in CA;
  • Have contacted Navient to ask about student loan forgiveness for public service employees within the last four years; and
  • Are currently working in a public or private school, for the government, or for a nonprofit organization.

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