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UC-AFT in the Library—Agreement Reached on Requests for Points in Librarian Merit Reviews


On Friday October 24, a delegation of Unit 17 bargaining team members met with UCOP contract administrators to discuss the librarian contract and issues that have arisen since the MOU was ratified. The UC-AFT delegation reached an agreement with UCOP representatives that will allow librarians to request a specific number of points as part of their personal statement in the merit review process.  The role of the Review Initiator as well as the peer review body continues to be under discussion.  This important victory empowers librarians in the review process and enables us to make the case for higher compensation. Librarians under review this year are encouraged, and should now feel free, to make the case for a specific number of points in their personal statement.  UC-AFT will be meeting with UCOP again on November 14 to continue this discussion and to raise further issues concerning the librarian contract. 

Axel E. Borg, Unit 17 Chief Negotiator