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UC-AFT saves summer retirement benefits for lecturers on some campuses!


We are pleased to announce that our Union has stopped UCOP's plan to strip retirement benefits from Summer Session salaries!

We have reached a negotiated agreement with the UC administration about Summer Session retirement benefits for those who teach at Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. Those campuses have agreed to continue contributing 3.5% of Summer Session salary to the Defined Contribution Retirement accounts of Lecturers who have full benefits and teach Summer Session.

Lecturers at Davis, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, and Santa Cruz have not received the Summer Session benefit in the past, so they are not affected by this agreement, and will not receive the employer contributions.

This agreement covers the summers of 2017, 2018, and 2019. To continue the benefit, and to expand it to the other campuses, we will need to pursue the subject during successor negotiations in 2019.

Our success in beating back this takeaway shows that we can make significant gains in those negotiations. Now, we must begin planning for a successful bargaining campaign.

Benjamin Harder
Mia McIver
Jon Keeperman
Tiffany Page
Peter Huk