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UC-AFT Stands with the California Faculty Association


UC-AFT Local 1474, the union of 6,000 teaching faculty and librarians in the University of
California, supports the 29,000 California Faculty Association professors, lecturers, librarians,
counselors, and coaches at the 23 CSU campuses as they prepare to strike this week, January
22-26, 2024.

CFA bargained in good faith throughout 2023 for community well-being, safety on campuses,
appropriate workload, adequate paid parental leave, and wages that keep pace with the cost of
living and set a livable minimum standard for all faculty. CFA refuses to accept CSU
management’s austerity measures that shift funding away from classrooms, labs, libraries,
athletics, and counseling centers.

UC-AFT stands with CFA members, leaders, and their students and allies as they reaffirm that
faculty and university workers’ working conditions are student learning conditions.

In solidarity,
UC-AFT Statewide Council

UC-AFT Stands with the California Faculty Association (PDF)