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UC-AFT Statement on Trump Appointment of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court


We are deeply disturbed, but not surprised, that President Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.  Kavanaugh’s record of opinions and dissents indicates that he will use the judicial branch’s highest body to promote a radical agenda that threatens our health, our reproductive freedoms, our clean air and water, our ability to mitigate climate change, our rights as workers, and our ability to hold the President accountable.  Too many outstanding questions remain about Kavanaugh’s role in the George W. Bush White House and his position on torture.  Additionally, an ongoing criminal investigation which involves the President and has produced numerous indictments and guilty pleas delegitimates any judicial appointment at this time.  For these reasons, we oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination and urge the U.S. Senate not to confirm him.