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UC-AFT Teaching Faculty Welcome Letter



Dear new Unit 18 faculty member,

(Lecturer, Demonstration Teacher, K-12 Teacher, Supervisor of Teacher Education, and more)

Welcome to your teaching position at the University of California and welcome to our union, UC-AFT Local 1474!

UC-AFT is the union of teaching faculty at UC. Nearly 7,000 UC-AFT members teach at every UC campus in nearly every department, program, and school. We have Chapters with elected officers on each UC campus as well as an active retiree Chapter.

Our systemwide contract, one of the best contingent faculty contracts in the nation, provides critical job security and instructional support provisions, clear and fair review and reappointment process and criteria, workload protections, and much, much more.

Our union strives to provide a welcoming and supportive community for teaching faculty within our nine campus based Chapters. And, we cultivate relationships and coordinate projects between Chapters in the service of a powerful statewide UC-AFT Local.

Your colleagues in UC-AFT are here for you. If you have questions about your position, your rights, our contract or our union, please feel free to reach out at any time.

Our strength and ability to negotiate and enforce our contract comes from our membership. Our ability to connect and cultivate community comes from our active membership. Please, get to know us, join our union and become part of our community.