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UC-AFT Wins Organizing Awards at CFT Convention

UC-AFT won two awards at the 2017 CFT Convention for our organizing work during 2016.  We won First Honor for the local with the largest membership growth in 2016! The plaque shows a member increase 259, but this is a net increase.  Around 700 lecturers and librarians chose to join UC-AFT in 2016! This is a great accomplishment and it reflects a real commitment by our leaders and activists to reach out to our new colleagues and invite them to learn more about and get involved with our union.

We also received an award for organizing a new group of UC employees at the Preuss School at UCSD.  Preuss is a junior high and high school charter located at UCSD.  About 45 teachers, a librarian and a counselor from Preuss will join Unit 18 very soon.

Congratulations on a great year of organizing!

CFT Organizing Award 2017.JPGCFT Organizing Award Plaque 2017.JPG

CFT Preuss Award.jpgPreuss Award Plaque 2017.JPG