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UCAFT Insider: August Raises!


Hello Local 6366,


Below please find the August edition of UCAFT Insider, featuring the Librarian Bargaining update, and our new August COLA raises. 


In addition, I am happy to announce that Dr. Iris Ruiz, Continuing Faculty in the Writing Program, is taking over as our new Grievance Steward. She has a history of exploring and addressing issues of diversity in higher education and will be a formidable advocate in defense of our contracts. Thank you for supporting our various causes, Iris! 




John Haner

President, UCAFT Local 6366

Faculty, Merritt Writing Program





University Council-AFT Insider         
August 9, 2018

In this issue:

·Check Your Stub: 2.5% COLA August 1…11.2% Minimum Increase Since February 2016

·Librarian Bargaining Update:  Our Fight for Permanent Positions at UCLA, Salary Up Next

·Non-Senate Faculty Bargaining: Contract Campaign Committee Elections & Pre-Bargaining Questionnaire

·Know Your Rights: Holding UC Accountable--Defending Our Right to Unbiased Communications


Check Your Stub: 2.5% COLA August 1…11.2% Minimum Increase Since February 2016
Our union secured 11.2% cost of living raises over the life of our current non-Senate faculty contract. The last of these automatic increases, a 2.5% raise, was effective July 1, 2018. Please check your August 1 paycheck to verify that you received your raise. In addition to COLA’s, our pre-continuing members receive a 6% raise at the beginning of the tenth quarter or seventh semester, and continuing members receive a minimum 6% increase at the excellence review and subsequent three-year merit reviews. This means that many of our members received salary increases of at least 17.2% since February 2016. Finally, our contract leaves open the possibility that our members will receive in kind raises with Senate faculty and non-represented academic employees in fiscal year 2019-20.

Librarian Bargaining Update:  Our Fight for Permanent Positions at UCLA, Salary Up Next
Unit 17 negotiations continued on July 26 with an energizing session at UCLA, where several Special Collections Archivists read a statement castigating the UCLA library administration for their misuse of temporary appointments. Over forty fellow librarians and allies filled the room as the Archivists shared the impacts of temporary employment on their work, livelihood and profession. UCLA has employed ten temporary archivists over the last two years for work that is ongoing and essential to the library. In addition to reading the statement in bargaining, UC-AFT has filed a grievance and gathered over 700 signatures from supporters on a letter calling for these positions to be made permanent. Librarian bargaining continues with a session August 8 at UCB and August 28 at UCSD, when we will present our much anticipated Salary proposal. Please check out this blog for updates on negotiations, profiles of bargaining team members, links to media and information on ways you can support our librarian colleagues.

Non-Senate Faculty Bargaining: Contract Campaign Committee Elections & Pre-Bargaining Questionnaire
Contract negotiations for the full Unit 18 non-Senate faculty MOU will begin in spring 2019. For the first time in UC-AFT history, each Local will elect five members to join a statewide Contract Campaign Committee. This new democratic process will strengthen our bargaining campaign by increasing member participation and expanding leadership opportunities. Elections will be held locally by Thanksgiving break. Beginning in August, Locals will circulate a brief questionnaire that asks union members about more and less satisfying areas of work, as well as changes to working conditions that would improve dignity and respect, improve our students’ education, and improve our ability to affect the campus community in positive ways. Please get in touch with your Local’s contacts to request the questionnaire. 

Know Your Rights: Holding UC Accountable--Defending Our Right to Unbiased Communications
UC-AFT has joined with several other UC unions to uphold State law and to protect our members’ right to unbiased communications from the UC administration regarding changes in payroll deduction resulting from the Janus decision. SB 866, enacted as a budget rider in June 2018, requires the University to meet and confer with UC unions over the content of any communication with employees about changes to payroll deduction and membership status. Despite our preemptive and post facto demands, UC ignored their legal obligation to negotiate with us before posting information to websites and sending emails to union members.  We have filed an unfair labor practice charge with the Public Employment Relations Board and we are contributing information to a complaint to the State Attorney General.  

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The University Council – American Federation of Teachers is an affiliate of the California Federation of Teachers, the American Federation of Teachers and the AFL-CIO.




Bill Quirk

Director, UC-AFT


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"We believe that education leads to action. If you advocate just one action, you're an organizer. We teach leadership here. Then people go out and do what they want."


-Myles Horton, Highlander Folk School