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UCB Librarians Organize for a Fair Contract


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Great universities need great librarians. But the UC is not willing to offer librarians a fair contract:

  • UC Librarians make up to 27% LESS than their counterparts at CSU campuses. The university’s chief negotiator dismissed this, calling CSU and UC “apples and oranges.”
  • UC is offering a mere 1% salary increase from four years ago. Most UC chancellors received a 3% raise last year alone.
  • UC Librarians need professional development support. Our contract provides for approximately $750/year for each librarian’s professional development - well behind other institutions. UC has offered a 0% change to professional development support, which has remained stagnant since 2013.

21st century scholarship means students and faculty need more and better services from professional librarians, but librarians are being asked to do more and more for less and less:

  • The consumer price index in the San Francisco area increased 3.1% in a single year (as of Aug. 2016) - an 8.9% increase compared to Aug. 2013
  • Average rent in Berkeley is now $3800/month ($45,600/year)
  • While the University pleads poverty whenever librarian salaries are mentioned, we are seeing rapidly increasing administrative hires and salaries - for people who provide no direct services to students or faculty.

Tell the UC it’s time to stop making librarians pay the price for the administrative bloat and poor management practices that have lead to Cal’s $150 million structural deficit.

Come show your support this week by signing our petition in support of librarians winning a fair contract!  We will be tabling on campus from Tuesday through Thursday from 12pm-2pm outside of the following libraries:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 11 - Boalt Law School
  • Wednesday, Oct. 12 - College of Environmental Design Wurster Hall
  • Thursday, Oct. 13 - Moffitt Library

If you can’t sign our petition in person, click here to sign our online petition!