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Unit 18 Bargaining to Begin-Opening Proposals Exchanged



Bargaining is once again upon us; the current contract expires this summer.

UC-AFT and the University exchanged proposals last Friday, 28 January 2011. By mutual agreement, each side has agreed to participate in "interest based" bargaining. Put simply, this means that each side listed its desired contractual changes, by article, as well as the reasons for suggesting a change. We are hopeful that this will lead to an earlier consensus between UC-AFT and the University. Once consensus is reached on a particular article, the sides will jointly write contract language that captures their understandings.  We hope that by taking this approach neither side will become entrenched in particular language.

As you know, UC-AFT solicited feedback from the campuses before drafting its final proposals. If you are interested in seeing the proposals that have been exchanged, you can do so by following these links:

UC-AFT Proposals to UC (PDF)

University of California Proposals to UC-AFT (PDF)

Before beginning face-to-face bargaining, the University has a responsibility to "sunshine" the opening proposals. In order to do so, UCOP will post both sides' proposals on its website. There will be two scheduled public meetings on 3 and 17 February, from 1-3 at UCOP.  Though the Union will not be present at these events, you or anyone you know, may go to make your comments directly known to UCOP.  Please feel free to do so. UCOP has agreed to share public comments with the UC-AFT team.

Once this "sunshine" process is completed, we will begin face-to-face bargaining at the end of February or very early March.

Your bargaining team anticipates some bargaining will be easy, and other issues to be much thornier. (UC seeks reductions in layoff notice, for example, as well as changes to the grievance process.)  If, after looking at these opening proposals, you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Once we begin face-to-face bargaining, I will write with progress reports, as soon as possible after each session. Additional information will also come from members of the bargaining committees on each campus.

With best wishes,

Alan Karras
UC-AFT V.P. for Grievances
Unit 18 Chief Negotiator
Associate Director and Sr. Lecturer, International and Area Studies, UCB