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Unit 18 Bargaining Update #1


Bargaining Update #1

28 February 2011

UC-AFT's team met earlier today with UC's team to discuss successor negotiations. After quickly agreeing to ground rules, each side presented its proposals, and answered questions that members of the other team had. It quickly became clear to everyone in the room that there were many shared areas of concern, which we hope can be addressed and solved relatively quickly. It also became clear to both sides that there were a few areas of more substantive disagreement (such as on layoff), which will take longer to resolve. Neither side presented its economic proposals and, given the current state of the state, we agreed to hold off on discussing these concerns until we made more progress on the non-economic issues. The mood was generally collaborative--and we have scheduled several additional bargaining sessions in March and April. Our goal will be to make progress in areas where we are in virtual agreement quickly, and then move on to thornier problems. The next bargaining session will be on 11 March 2011. We will send an additional bargaining update after that session. 

Alan Karras

Chief Negotiator