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Workload and the Statement of Responsibilities


Due to budget cuts and reorganizations, workload is a growing concern for librarians. Fortunately, the Unit 17 MOU contains protections from an excessive or unreasonable workload in Article 7 Assignments, Transfers and Reassignments:  

  • Within 30 days of hire and at the commencement of each review period, an updated Statement of Responsibilities (SOR) needs to be written, and then reviewed and signed by the librarian.
  • Librarians should have a copy of the SOR, and a copy should be placed in the librarian’s personnel file.
  • If significant duties are added during a review period, these duties need to be reduced to writing and added to the SOR.  Changes need to be reviewed and signed off by the librarian.
  • If you believe that your workload is excessive or unreasonable, you should first consult with your review initiator.  If your concern persists, you have the right to appeal to the next level of supervision.

An up-to-date and accurate SOR is required by the contract, and it’s essential for a successful workload evaluation. UC-AFT strongly recommends that you review your current SOR, and if it does not adequately reflect your assignment, initiate a meeting with your supervisor to update it.  

If you have questions or concerns about workload, please contact the UC-AFT representative within your library right away.