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A Vision for UCB Library Services Under the Specter of Austerity

U17 Bay Area Chapter members came together to issue as statement against austerity in the Berkeley Library. As student enrollment continues to increase, campus funding remains stagnant, and decades of neoliberal ideology have eroded the public good, the Berkeley campus faces acute pressures to maintain excellent education and research conditions while library workers are expected to do more with less. 

UC-AFT Local 1474 Librarian Statement in Support of BLM

UC-AFT Local 1474 Lecturers and Librarians approved the following statement today.

UC-AFT Local 1474 Lecturers and Librarians affirm that black lives matter and we call for an immediate end to police violence everywhere. 


UC-AFT Professional Development Fund Call for Applications 2021


2021 Call for Applications: Professional Development Fund (PDF) Grant for Lecturers and Other Represented Unit 18 Faculty at UC Berkeley

Bay Area Chapter Candidate Statements - Spring 2022 Executive Board Elections


Candidates for Co-Chair

Barbara Barnes, UCB Continuing Lecturer, Gender & Women’s Studies

UC-AFT 1474 Spring 2018 Bylaws Amendment Vote

Statement Explaining Proposed Bylaws Changes
The Executive Board of our Local has proposed a few minor changes to our bylaws:

UC-AFT 1474 Resolution in Protest of the Inauguration of President Donald Trump

UC-AFT 1474 Resolution in Protest of the Inauguration of President Donald Trump

WHEREAS, the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has sparked fear and anger in our community—especially among those most marginalized, including immigrants, Muslims, people of color, women, the disabled, and LGBTQ populations—and has reaffirmed the necessity for collective struggles to defend the rights of these communities

Teamsters Strike UC Jan 10: Your Rights and Responsibilities

Dear UC-AFT members,

Our sister UC union, Teamsters Local 2010, is holding two strikes this week. One strike is limited to UCLA, and the other is UC-wide. This e-mail provides information about both strikes, and your rights and responsibilities with respect to our contracts and the picket lines.

UC-AFT Response to BFA's Robert Reich Campaign

Dear UC-AFT 1474 Members,

Upcoming Events and October Monthly Membership Meeting Minutes

Dear Local 1474 Members,

We had a fantastic October membership meeting with 17 people in attendance! We want to bring your attention to four upcoming dates: